Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkstoff- und Strahltechnik IWS

The IWS focusses on application-oriented research and development work in the fields of laser materials processing and surface technology.

The institute applies the laser beam, a particular form of light, as a tool for surface treatment, manufacturing and materials analysis.

Workshops and public relations and education activities particularly emphasize materials processing technologies, applying "light". A specific highlight in 2015 will be the exhibition on "light" and "laser" with special emphasis on laser history and laser application in manufacturing and various spheres of life.

Technische Sammlungen Dresden

As a museum of science and technology the Technische Sammlungen convey the history of imaging technologies, the information and communication technology and topics of current technology research. Another focus lies on getting young children and young people acquaintet with mathematics. The museum as experience and education center collaborates withe the Technical University of Dresden, Silicon Saxony and the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

The Roman goddess of light as a monumental mosaic adorns the camera factory of Heinrich Ernemann, which nowadays houses the Technische Sammlungen. Over a century Dresden was a European center for photographic and cinematographic industry. This culture technique of light is deeply rooted in the Dresden history of science and industry and is today the core topic of the museum.

In 2015 the Technische Sammlungen will host the central Dresden exhibition on the subject of light in science, technology and culture.

tjg. theater junge generation

The tjg. theater junge generation operates on three levels, i.e. tjg. acting, tjg. puppet theatre, and tjg. theatre academy, and it presents over 600 performances every year, making it one of the largest children's  and young people’s theatres in Germany.

For theater light is a central medium of expression that creates atmospheres and spaces and directs the focus on stage. Light is also the subject of investigation in the research theater called "Licht!".

The tjg. comes up with the production "Licht!" as part of the exhibition during the Dresden Light Year in the Technische Sammlungen. This production will open children a sensual and theatrical access to the scientific phenomenon of light. Accompanying the production workshops and project days at schools and family events regarding light as subject will be provided alongside.